Whatever it is you do, do it with passion. It doesn’t matter whether you paint, sing, write songs, make records, produce films, rhyme lyrics over beats or write novels for the masses, just give every effort your best. How do you expect others to give two shits about your work if it’s clear you’re phoning it in? Your audience is taking their cues from you. The one thing great artists like Bruce SpringsteenLucinda WilliamsAnna FerminJared Indaskyes LindoJoseph Gordon-LevittMichael ChabonShawna Moore and Tony Fitzpatrick all have in common is a genuine passion for what they do. They CARE at such a deep level and produce their live’s work with CONVICTION. If my continuing interest (and occasional business) is among your aims, you must tell the truth. Always. I can spot a con job, and that’s when I check out.

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