One of These Days

The Diary Project aka “One Of These Days”

A few final notes on this project before it debuts on my Facebook page on New Years Day:

What was originally intended as a simple re-printing of the diary I rediscovered a few weeks ago has evolved into something a bit more involved. It is now my intention to include additional recollections covering the years 1963 thru 1978, resulting in a full memoir of my childhood. Each daily post will include entries for both, and while it may be confusing at first, the narrative structure will become self-evident as time passes.

Finally, I am making a commitment to myself, and to you, to see this project thru to its proper end. What this means is 120 days of writing, each and every day without a miss, until the memoir is complete. Discipline has always been my toughest obstacle in previous literary attempts, but I’m thinking that the very nature of the diary format, as well as my public proclamation of intent, will drive me to completion by the end of April. Many of these recollections will be tough to share, and will require me to access places that have been closed to both the public and to myself for some time. Others may simply be tedious and boring and childish (especially the early weeks of the 1975 diary), but chief among my commitments here is to tell the unvarnished truth, however embarrassing (mostly to myself) it might be. I expect to gain something of value from the process. I hope you do too.

Michael Jewel Haley
San Jose
December 30, 2014

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