MJH Fun Facts #201-214

With one exception, everything that follows is true. Can you spot the one untrue statement below?

1. I once appeared in a film with Danny Glover.
2. I completed my first painting at age 50.
3. Before art, my real passion was baseball.  But before baseball, my first real passion was acting.
4. I once appeared in a film with Ruth Buzzi.
5. I was a terrible actor.
6. I missed my senior year with a broken wrist, went undrafted, but received a free agent invitation to the Philadelphia Phillies camp. Acquitted myself well, but was not signed.
7. I stand by their assessment.
8. The only photography lesson I ever received was given to me by Alan Arkin.
9. In my day job I help build robots that perform surgeries on human beings.
10. While working the game clock in the Final Four championship game one year, I accidentally started the clock one second early with only 4 seconds left in a 1-point game – and NOBODY NOTICED.
11. The only car accident I ever caused: Age 20. Brake failure. Rear-ended the owner of a brake repair shop.
12. Spoke in tongues and participated in Jericho marches at age 14.
13. Once, while listening to “Constant Craving” on the radio and waiting for the light to change at the corner of Sunset and Laurel Canyon, I looked over at the driver next to me and came face-to-face with a smiling k.d. Lang.
14. I no longer speak in tongues or participate in Jericho marches, but I still love Gospel music.

Can you spot the one and only untrue statement?

MJH 11-17-13

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