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As you are all no doubt aware, I have devoted the past couple years to my creative life. In the process, I have completed a modest body of work, most of it within the medium of encaustic painting. For those unfamiliar with encaustic (as I was until a few years ago), it refers to the use of beeswax as the base element – often mixed with dry pigments and/or oil paint – whfich is applied to a hard, porous substrate (in my case, a birch wood panel) and then fused, layer by layer, with heat (my trusty blowtorch), until the final image is complete. The encaustic medium (beeswax mixed tree sap) gives the finished work a luminous visual quality, and – assuming you maintain the temperature inside your homes under 170 degrees – they will maintain an archival quality for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the discoveries of ancient Greek encaustic paintings.

While my original paintings are for sale directly through me, I have also partnered with Fine Art America to sell reproductions of my work through their website. Various formats and sizes are available, including: stretched canvas, acrylic print, metal print, framed print, and greeting cards. Finding room in a budget for original pieces of art can be a challenge for all of us, and this partnership will provide an opportunity for all art lovers of all budgets to own something unique and beautiful for your homes and offices. I’ve also made some of my original photographs available for sale as well, and will continue adding content to this site on a regular basis.

With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the perfect time to order gifts for your friends and loved ones. Just click on the link below, and Fine Art America will do all the work to pack and ship your order anywhere in the world.

Enjoy perusing my site, and don’t forget:

Happiness is a warm blowtorch!

MJH 9-23-13

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