Artist’s Statement

Studio 48 is the culmination of my lifelong fascination with photography, art, movies, music, numbers, Americana, story-telling, and the desire to capture and share visually arresting images from the most unlikely places. To my eyes, a deserted property, blighted neighborhood, or rusty sign can be every bit as interesting as a sunset – and it’s my hope that through my work I can inspire others to see the world around them in exciting new ways.

It all begins with an image. However, the photograph is but one medium, and the camera just one of many tools used in a creative process that includes beeswax, damar resin, oil paint, and found objects applied to birch wood panels. Finished works include large single panels as well as 48-image storyboards that combine narrative and impressionistic elements – thus insuring each viewer enjoys their own unique interpretive experience.

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